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About Us

Antique jewellry are not simply a “product”
They are a combination of art, history, mystery, romance and stories hidden within their beauty
Each antique piece of jewellry is one of a kind and many of them are handmade
Antique jewellry are evidence of an emotion expressed between people decades or hundreds of years ago, and tell the story of a unique event in their lives
Love, marriage, grief, passion, hope and faith
Iris Harish has been fascinated with antiques in general and antique jewellry in particular since the dawn of her childhood, as someone who grew up in a house full of antique furniture
For her, antique jewellry is first and foremost an object of passion, love and history that has been spectacularly preserved
Over the years, Iris has gained unparalleled experience in the field of antique jewellry in Israel
Her extensive knowledge in the field was acquired over years through actual experience importing antique jewellry from Europe in general, and England in particular, a genuine desire to learn through extensive reading of material, learning seals, materials and methods to identify a genuine antique item and more
You are invited to visit the gallery, to be impressed by the spectacular catalogue, and to purchase an antique piece of jewelry – a piece of history that is sometimes visible and sometimes mysterious
If you would like to hear more about an item on the site, and get more information, you can contact on WhatsApp the number: +972-52-621-0468

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