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Terms of use

Below are the Terms of Use and Purchase Regulations on the “Iris Harish’s Antique Gold Jewellry” Website (hereinafter: “the Site”).

Thank you for visiting the “Iris Harish – Antique Gold Jewellry” website, operated by Telecorp Communications Ltd. No.512660382 (hereinafter: the “Company”). We hope you will enjoy visiting and purchasing one of its special jewellry.

1. Terms of Use and Purchase – Binding Legal Agreement.

1.1. It is important to emphasize that any use of the Site, including a purchase, is in accordance with and subject to the Terms of Use and purchase detailed below, and your approval of the Terms of Use and purchase constitutes, in fact, a binding legal obligation on your part, and an agreement between the Company and you regarding the use of the Site.

1.2. The Terms of Use and purchase on the Site are the only and exclusive binding Agreement with regard to the use of the Site. And therefore, in any case of contradiction or inconsistency between these Terms of Use and any publication, information, regulations, or document of any kind or type, the provisions of the Terms of Use set forth below shall prevail.

1.3. The Terms of Use and purchase may change from time to time at the company’s discretion and without any prior notice, and they will be binding from the date of their publication on the Site. Therefore, it is recommended to revisit from time to time and keep up to date with the Terms of Use and purchase.

1.4. The Site is worded when relevant in the feminine language for convenience, but the Terms of Use apply to any person, male, female, corporation, and any other body qualified for legal rights and obligations, without exception.

2. Use of the WebSite – Personal Use and Non-Commercial

The use of the Site and all the information and services contained therein are intended for personal use only. The Site may not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes, and no other use may be made of it.

3. Payment and registration as a condition of use
As a rule, browsing the Site is free of charge or formal registration. However, using some of the information and services on the Site may later involve payment or registration to the Site, including providing details and information as may be required. This is expressly stated in those cases where the use requires registration or payment. The use will not be possible except subject to the execution of such payment or registration.

4. Clarifications regarding product quality and the warranty.

4.1. An Antique Jewellry is not an ordinary jewellry. They should be treated as a work of art, not as new and modern jewellry pieces. These are not new but old, used, and unique products. There is usually no more than one antique jewellry of the same type. Since these are jewellry that has been through a lot and their history is long, they should be used and handled carefully and gently. It is recommended not to shower with or wet in any way antique jewellry embedded with stones and not to wet them. Be careful of aggressive and reckless use, and avoid dropping, beatings, pulling, bending, and applying any pressure on the jewellry.

4.2. The raw materials do not measure the value of antique jewellry, as is the case with gold, gemstones, and diamonds. The percentage of gold, the type and condition of stones, and other metrics used to evaluate modern jewellry, or its level, isn’t relevant and insignificant for the valuation of antique jewellry, just as the materials from which a work of art is produced are irrelevant to its valuation.

4.3. Accordingly, the description posted on the Site of the materials from which the antique jewellry is composed (the quantity of gold, its quality, the types of stones) are detailed for identification purposes, matching the wishes of the buyer, and valuation as “antiques” but not in any way as jewellry, gold, diamond or precious stone.

4.4. Since these are old items, their description is based on knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, but there is no certainty that the description corresponds to reality, just as the description of history is not at a 100% level of certainty. The products are sold without a gemological opinion or professional valuation, including for insurance purposes. The Company reserves the right to correct and change the description of the products at any time following the information and data it holds.

4.5. Antique jewellry may include blemishes, bends, scratches, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear resulting from age.

4.6. The antique jewellry is sold in its condition “As Is” without warranty or obligation to service, maintenance or repairs. Their sale is similar to a sale on an auction, a “second-hand” sale, or an antiquities market, and the warranty on the product and all the risks involved in its ownership and use are passed on to the customers immediately upon receipt of the product in a proper condition that matches what is described on the Site. Accordingly, the company is not responsible for the fall or loss of stones, fractures, discolorations, or any other damage caused to the products after their delivery to the customer.

4.7. The Company does not customize the antique jewellry for the buyers, and any changes or adjustments requested will be made by the customers themselves, at their own expense and responsibility. As a rule, avoiding changes, adjustments, or repairs to antique jewellry is recommended.

5. Purchasing on the Site

5.1. To make any purchase on the Site, it is necessary to accept the Terms of Use before making the purchase. By marking the relevant box you accept, declare, and confirm that you have read all the Regulations and Terms of Use, understood them, approved, and accepted them.

5.2. You may use the Site and purchase products only if you are, at the time of making the purchase, more than 18 years old, when purchasing in Israel – have an Israeli identity card, have a permanent residential address in Israel, and have a valid credit card in Israel and when purchasing outside Israel – own a valid credit card issue outside Israel. The purchase is contingent on receiving the credit card company’s approval, and the execution of the order and/or the receipt of confirmation of the execution of the order should not be considered a transaction. The company reserves the right to defer payments made using certain types of credit cards.

5.3. The process of placing an order and payment is done online on the Site. The ordering process is completed automatically after clicking the “Pay with credit card” button. At the end of the ordering process by the customer, a message will appear confirming the receipt of the order, and an e-mail will be sent that includes confirmation of the receipt of the order to the address typed by the customer. After completing the purchase, the order cannot be changed or amended except by the transaction cancellation rules detailed below.

5.4. A transaction will be completed only after the Company’s approval and only after the payment for the purchase has been settled and the Company receives approval from the credit company of the execution and integrity of the charge, by the procedures of the agreement between the Company and the relevant credit company. The estimated processing time of an order, from order to delivery (within Israel), is ten business days from the time the order is confirmed.

5.5. To order a product on the Site, the customer is required to provide a full name, id number (in Israel alone), address, telephone, and a valid and active email address, as well as details of the credit card through which she wishes to pay (if the customer chose this option). Additional details may be requested as needed. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the details she provides are correct and have been entered into the system. Knowingly providing false details is a criminal offense and establishes grounds for civil action for damages caused to the company, directly and/or indirectly, resulting from such false information.

5.6. Purchases on the Site are possible only through the credit cards listed on the payment screen or paypal. Cash payments may be made in Israel only, directly through the company (not online) subject to the limitations of the law and by personal collection only. It is not possible to pay by check. Entering credit card account details on the Site constitutes confirmation by the customer that the card or account through which the transaction is made belongs to her, is valid, and that she is authorized and is not prohibited by any law or agreement from making the transaction through the card or account.

5.7. The prices on the Site are based and stated in New Israeli Shekels (NIS) , If you purchase outside Israel you are able to purchase the products using US$. However the price in foreign currency is converted using a designated online conversion internet site which is updated periodically and thus prices in foreign currency may change accordingly at any given time before a final purchase is completed. The prices include Israeli VAT (currently 17%) and do not include shipping fees unless explicitly stated otherwise. The company reserves the right to change the prices of the products at any time without prior notice.

5.8. E&OE – Insofar as a product was purchased that was published on the Site with an incorrect price or a product that is no longer in stock for any reason, and/or a product that includes a description or an image in which there was an error, or a product presented on the Site for sale due to any other error, or due to the addition of taxes, levies, payments or conditions that did not exist at the time of placing the order, The Company may cancel the transaction subject to notification to the customer by e-mail provided by the customer, even before the product is sent. If payment is received for the product, a full refund will be given for the purchase.

6. Delivery and supply

6.1. The price of the products on the site does not include shipping. The delivery of the products is free or not depending on your choice of one of the following shipping methods and the delivery address:
– Paid shipping by courier in Israel– at a cost specified on the Site. The estimated arrival time is approximately 10 business days from the date of confirmation of the order by the Company.

– Free due to self-collection – Available only at the company’s offices at 15A Sirkin St., Givatayim Israel or Dalia 7, Givatayim Israel, by prior appointment only, and no earlier than four business days from the date of confirmation of the order.

– Paid Shipments outside Israel – Using international courier, only to specific countries and location, subject to a separate price, as quoted online before the order is completed. Estimated date of delivery is subject to International courier time tables.

6.2. The delivery method may be changed by WhatsApp or by calling: 052-6210468 but only as long as the order has not been delivered to the shipment.

6.3. An exact delivery address must be specified in the order, including the customer’s details – full name and telephone number- to coordinate delivery. Delivery will be made to the customer only by presenting an identity card. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the details entered are correct and complete and that the customer will be available at the pick-up address specified in the order, subject to prior coordination with the courier company. The Company will not be liable for delays in delivery or non-delivery due to lack of coordination with the couriers, lack of presence at the delivery address at the arranged time, or inputting incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate details by the customer.

6.4. If a customer wishes the product purchased to be left outside the address for delivery (in an electric board, on the doorstep, at a neighbor’s, etc.,) or to hand over the products to a third party, the company will not bear any responsibility for the results of the delivery, including any damage and/or loss of any kind caused to the products and/or the customer, including theft or vandalism, and the products will be considered as if they were delivered to the customer lawfully and by the agreement.

6.5. You may place an order on the Site in the Hebrew version for all regions of the country, or outside Israel, in the English version, for specific countries and locations outside Israel, all subject to the limits of the shipping courier, which is not under the control of the Company. As a result, all orders are subject to zone limits according to the shipping courier’s distribution area map. The Company may but does not undertake to supply the products outside the distribution areas by prior arrangement by telephone according to availability. It should be clarified that even if an order is received and approved, the Company may cancel it if the customer is in an area where the shipping company does not deliver. In such a case, the customer will be allowed self-collection as an alternative to cancellation.

6.6. Delivery delays may occur due to factors that are independent of the Company or over which the Company has no control, including, without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, strikes and lockouts, hostile acts, a state of emergency or war, lockdowns, or restrictions due to the coronavirus, or any other force majeure.

6.7. The Company is not responsible for delays or failures by the shipping company once the products have been delivered to it for shipment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company will assist as much as possible to ensure that the shipping company carries out the delivery as required and on time.

6.8. Shipping outside Israel will be possible only to certain destinations and by the shipping company’s and the Company’s policy. Shipping abroad involves variable fees depending on the destination, which will be added to the fees. When arriving abroad, additional costs will generally apply such as duties, purchase taxes, value-added tax, various fees, surcharges, or other terms and conditions that are determined exclusively by the destination countries and are not related to the Company. These costs and requirements vary from country to country, and the payment and enforcements are made when the products arrive at the destination country, are released from customs, or are delivered by the shipping company. All these costs and requirements are the customer’s responsibility, and it is recommended to independently verify them before purchasing. Failure to deliver the products due to non-payment of these costs in full or on time or failure to collect or release the products from customs or for any other reason related to the requirements of the destination countries is the sole responsibility of the customer, and in those cases, the products will be deemed to have been delivered to their destination.

7. Cancellation Policy (Return and Exchange)

7.1. Cancellation of a transaction – return or exchange, will be dealt with according to the Israeli law, namely: The Consumer Protection Law -1981 and the provisions of the regulations, rules, and orders by virtue of it.

7.2. As stipulated in the Consumer Protection Regulations, a piece of antique jewellry which price is over NIS3,000 cannot be returned or exchanged, and a transaction for its purchase cannot be canceled after it has been completed and the item has been shipped.

7.3. Return and exchange will be possible according to the provisions of the law, as long as the product was returned without being used and without causing it a defect or damage. It will not be possible to return/exchange a product that has been used or damaged.

7.4. Return or exchange are conditional on the return of the product by the customer to the company, together with the original tax invoice. This can be done in person or via courier but only after coordinating with the Company and at the following business address at 15A Sirkin St. Givatayim within three business days from the date of issuance of the cancellation notice (with respect to deliveries made in Israel) or within 7 business days 9with respect to deliveries made outside Israel).

7.5. Cancellation of a transaction (exchange or return) made through the site will be possible within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product and if the customer is a senior citizen, a new immigrant, or a person with disabilities who made the purchase in Israel and was an Israeli resident at the time the transaction was completed – within four months from the date of receipt of the product. Cancellation of a transaction of a product that was purchased in person (face-to-face) will be possible within two business days from the date of purchase.

7.6. The return or exchange of a Product purchased at a promotional price (“Sale”) shall be made according to the Product’s value at the promotional price. The return or replacement of a product purchased together with additional products at a discount, or reduced price will be done while deducting the value of the full discount or reduction together for all products.

7.7. A refund will be given in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation of a Transaction), 2010. The refund will be made minus the original shipping fees, if any, and offset by a cancellation fee of 5% of the purchase amount or NIS100, whichever is lower. The refund will be made within seven business days from the date the product was returned to the Company in the required condition (subject to the provisions of the law for payment by check and credit).

7.8. A customer who canceled a transaction may choose the option of replacing the product with another product available in stock, if such customer is able to physically return and collect the products at the Company’s place of business. In this case, no cancellation fees will be charged for the replacement. Product replacement is possible only when the replacement product is of the same price or higher. It is impossible to exchange a product for one that costs less and get a refund for the balance. Product replacement is possible only by the customer physically returning the product to the Company, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the Terms of Use, and collecting the replacement product on the spot.

7.9. It is impossible to cancel a transaction of a Product received following an exchange, including not through a recurring exchange. Replacement shall be made solely subject to the return of the product to the company in accordance with the terms specified sub-articles 7 above.

7.10. Cancellation of a transaction will be made by sending a cancellation notice by the customer in one of the following ways: Via telephone – by a text message (SMS), or by a WhatsApp message to +972526210468. By registered mail – to the following address: Telecorp – Iris Harish, Sirkin 15a Givatayim 5325011. By E-mail – to the following address: By fax – to fax number +9727528011. By sending an appropriate message using the Site message platform.

7.11. In the cancellation notice, the customer must specify a full name, identification number, date of purchase, mobile phone number, and an updated e-mail address.

8. Liability Limitations and warnings

8.1. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable and shall not bear any direct, indirect, consequential, or other damage caused to visitors to the Site or anyone on their behalf or any third party as a result of using the Site or making a purchase through it, all subject to the provisions of the law.

8.2. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf does not guarantee that the Site will operate continuously, will be available at all times, will operate without interruptions, disruptions, errors, bugs, or other defects, or that the use of the Site will be safe and immune from unauthorized access to the Site’s computers or users, or to malfunctions or failures in activity, hardware, software, communication lines and communication systems related to the Site.

8.3. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible for the acts or the failures to act of third parties, other users, or any other party that is not under the full control of the Company and/or anyone on its behalf, or for the consequences of such acts or failures to act or any content on the Site, which originates from other users or third parties, their kind, veracity, accuracy, reliability, suitability for the user’s needs or for any purpose whatsoever, their properties, or for anything else related to them.

8.4. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible for the relationship between visitors to the Site and other users or third parties, including the shipping company and its representatives, the credit card company, or its results and are not a party to such an engagement, and will not bear any liability for damages or harm that will arise as a result of such an engagement.

8.5. The Company’s liability under the Terms of Use is limited even if we exercise any supervision or precautions or control over the information, services, and content on the Site, and even if we become aware of the possibility of injury or damage that may be caused to users or any third parties. All such precautions, supervision, or use, and even attempts to solve or assist in solving problems, or preventing or reducing, or minimizing damages, are made without obligation by law and in good faith and will not be construed as an acceptance of any liability on the Company’s part where it is expressly stated above that there is no acceptance of warranty.

8.6. Any advertising material posted on the Site, whether with or without permission or authorization, is made by the advertiser and at its own risk. The Company is not responsible for and doesn’t monitor advertising material, and we do not check its correctness, effectiveness, safety, or anything related. Therefore, visitors to the Site must exercise caution in relying on or using the subject of the advertising material, and any use or reliance on advertising material is the sole responsibility of the Visitors.

8.7. Where the Site contains services operated by other users or links to other websites, it is clarified that these services and sites are not operated by the Company and are not its responsibility. The inclusion of such services or links on the Site does not create any relationship between the Company and those users or Sites, and therefore any use or browsing of them is the sole responsibility of the users.

8.8. Subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Laws and the Terms of Use, the Company reserves the right to cancel any order placed on the Site.

8.9. The images of the products appearing on the Site are for illustration purposes only. There may be differences between how images are displayed through a screen and the products actually supplied due to the way each computer or devise displays them.

8.10. The Company reserves the right to prevent or restrict or block users of using the Site, the information, or the services included therein, among other things, through restrictions on the User’s age, geographic location, payment obligation, the scope of use, mode of use, date of use, number of accounts or user names permitted to any person or corporation, punishment for previous violations of the provisions of the law or the Terms of Use (including by way of preventing entry to the Site for a limited period or permanently), etc., at the Company’s sole discretion, subject to the provisions of the law.

8.11. The Company may discontinue or limit the activity of the Site, certain uses of it, or the access or use of the information, services, and content contained therein, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion without the need for prior notice. It is hereby clarified that from time-to-time changes, improvements, updates, upgrades, and repairs will be made to the Site, and replacement of the inventory and accompanying content appearing therein, at the Company’s sole discretion and without the need for prior notice.

8.12. The exercise or non-exercise of powers and rights by the Company under the Terms of Use shall not provide a visitor or a third party any claim, suit, and/or demand against the Company or anyone on its behalf and shall not be construed as an assuming of responsibility on the part of the Company or as an imposition of an obligation on the Company to exercise these powers or as a waiver of any of the Terms of Use of the Site, and shall not remove the responsibility imposed on the visitors or any third party under the Terms of Use or the provisions of the law.

8.13. The visitors of the Site undertake to compensate the Company, its employees, managers, or anyone on its behalf for any damage, injury, loss of profits, payment, or expense caused to them, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses, due to violation of the provisions of the Terms of Use. In addition, Site visitors will compensate the Company, its employees, managers, or anyone on their behalf for any charge, claim, or demand raised against them by any third party as a result of any use they made of the site or anything related to it, including purchasing through forgery or providing misleading details.

9. Copyright and Intellectual Property

9.1. All rights in everything that appears on the Site, including images, texts, site design, software, trademarks, logos, copyrights, domain names, databases, articles, explanations, illustrations, drawings, and anything else that is the object of intellectual property rights or copyrights is the sole property of the Company (hereinafter: the “Intellectual Property”). Any use of the Company’s Intellectual Property is limited by the Terms of Use of the Site and subject to the preservation of the Company’s rights. No use of the Company’s Intellectual Property may be made for any other purpose than the use of the Site in accordance with the Terms of Use, without the Company’s prior written permission.

9.2. It is forbidden to copy and/or reproduce, translate, broadcast, publicly display or play, record, transmit, transfer, in any form, transform, publish, grant a license or authorization, or change the information or services or content contained in the Site, or other Intellectual Property of the Company without the prior written permission of the Company.

9.3. Linking to the Site or displaying it on other sites on the Internet so that the Site will be a “linked site” or on any other platform requires written permission from the Company in advance.

10. Clarification regarding the protection of privacy and information security

10.1. Anyone who wishes to purchase products on the site must provide personal information to execute the transaction, including providing credit card details. The Company takes acceptable precautions to maintain, as far as possible, the confidentiality of said personal information, and its use is made for internal purposes only, including contacting the User, providing the products, and mailing advertisements and marketing information to the extent that the user has approved it.

10.2. The site is secured so that the user’s credit card details entered on the site to make a purchase are protected by encryption, remain confidential, and are not stored at any point on the company’s computers or servers. However, since the Site is located in an online environment, the Company cannot guarantee immunity against intrusions into its servers or the disclosure of personal information by perpetrators of illegal activities. Accordingly, the visitors are required to waive any claim, suit or demand against the Company in connection with any damage in this regard, including the use that will be made as a result of this personal information.

10.3. It is hereby clarified that the use of the Site, the information, the services, and the content contained therein constitutes consent on the part of the visitors to a limited violation of their privacy by way of storing information and data about them in the databases, using the details to receive updates or advertising or marketing material (unless you have explicitly informed us that you do not agree to this), and computerized monitoring of the use made of the information, services and content on the Site, including through “cookies.”

10.4. Insofar as the data stored requires registration, they will be stored in the Company’s database and under its responsibility as required by law.

10.5. The use of the information collected will be made only in accordance with this privacy policy and in accordance with the provisions of any law in order to enable the use of the services on the site, to improve and enrich the services and content offered on the site, to change or cancel existing services and content, to consume products and services on the site – including the publication of information and content, and to adapt the ads that will be displayed when visiting the site to the areas of interest of visitors. The information that will be used by the Company will be mainly statistical information, which is not personally identifiable.

10.6. Direct emailing: The Company wishes to send its customers from time to time information by email regarding its products as well as marketing and advertising information. It should be clarified that the use of the Site might include the possibility of giving explicit consent to this, and therefore if this is applicable and acceptable to you, we will ask you to mark it during the purchase process., You can, of course, withdraw your consent at any time by notifying the Company by email or WhatsApp messages. We guarantee that we will not disclose your personal information to advertisers or third parties. However, we reserve the right to transmit and share statistical information about user’s activities on the site, usage habits, usage preferences, interests, etc., provided that non-personally identifying information is provided to those entities (it is clarified that personalized, targeted advertising to users by advertisers will be possible subject to the fact that the user will not be identified.

10.7. Providing information to a third party: The Company will not transfer to third parties any of your personal details and the information collected about your activity on the Site except in the following cases:

• In case of a legal dispute between you and the company that will require the disclosure of your details.
• if you perform on the Site actions that are contrary to the law;
• If a judicial order is received to provide your details or information about you to a third party;
• If the Company sells or transfers in any way the activity of the Site to any corporation – as well as in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the activity of the Site with the activity of a third party, provided that such corporation undertakes to comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
• to email or targeted advertising, subject to the law’s provisions and the site’s terms of use.

10.8. Cookies: The Company’s Site uses “cookies” for ongoing and proper operation, including collecting statistical data about the use of the site, verifying details, adjusting the site to personal preferences, and for information security purposes. You can disable this option by changing your browser settings. Modern browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies. If you don’t know how to do that, check the help file of your browser.

10.9. Third-Party Advertisements: The Company might permit other companies to manage the advertising system on the Site. In such case the ads you view when you visit the site come from the computers of those companies. To manage their advertisements, these companies also use cookies on your computer. Cookies allow them to collect information about the websites on which you have viewed the advertisements they have placed, and which advertisements you have entered. The use that these companies make of cookies is subject to their privacy policies and not to the Company’s privacy policy.

10.10. Right to review information: According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, every person has the right to review information about herself that is held in a database. A person who has reviewed the information about herself and found it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear, or out of date may contact the database owner with a request to correct or delete the information. Such a request should be directed to:, by fax No. +9727528011, or by mail to: Telecorp Ltd., 15A Sirkin Street, Givatayim, Zip Code: 5325011. In addition, if the information in the Company’s databases is used to contact you personally, you are entitled, under the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, to demand in writing that the information relating to you be deleted from the database.

10.11. Changes to the Privacy Policy: If material changes are made to this Policy in the provisions regarding the use of personal information that you have provided, notice thereof will be published on this page, and therefore it is recommended to update yourself with them periodically.

11. General Conditions

11.1. Everything related to and arising from the use of the Site, the information, the services, and its content, as well as everything related to and arising out of these Terms of Use, including any transaction made through this site, will be subject to Israeli law, including for the purpose of interpretation. Any dispute or disagreement in connection therewith shall be under the sole jurisdiction of the competent courts in Israel, in the jurisdiction of Tel Aviv and shall be brought before them as a sole and unique place of jurisdiction.

11.2. The provisions of the Terms of Use fully and exhaustively express all matters and subjects discussed therein or related to the use of the Site and supersede any representation, publication, practice, letters of intent or undertaking, and any other document on such matters and subjects.

11.3. The Company’s conduct or agreement to deviate from any provision of the Terms of Use, in a particular or a series of cases, shall not constitute a precedent and shall not be construed as an equal decree for any future case, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any of the Terms of Use or lawful right, and/or as a waiver, or a consent on our part to any breach or non-fulfillment of any term unless expressly made in writing.

11.4. If any part of the Terms of Use is determined to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, then that part will be deemed to be replaced by other valid and enforceable sections whose content most closely matches the intent of the original sections while the rest of the Terms of Use will remain in effect.

11.5. The Terms of Use do not impart on users or third parties rights that were not expressly granted to them by the Terms of Use or by law.

11.6. All of the terms of use listed above are also true for the Website in its cellular configuration and on any other online platform. The site is available on mobile Internet-enabled devices. The service is provided at a cellular browsing cost according to the operators’ rates. The display may differ depending on the type of device.

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